The Time is Now

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We have been slave to fear and panic for too long. We have been coerced into a reality that we were told was based on competition. We were trained in it at school. Told by business and governments that we need to fend for ourselves, that only the strong will survive, no pain, no gain! It is subtly written into tests, university degrees, the financial system, our careers, sports and health systems. We fight illness. We fight wars. We fight poverty. We fight drugs.

Yet the healers among us, the lightworkers, the shamans, indigenous people, the masseuses, the reiki healers and tarot readers, the compassionate ones, quantum physicists, the nurses, holistic healers, chiropractors, the yogis, ayurvedic doctors, musicians, artists and many more have known always that things are connected. We have explored it. Written about it. Experienced it.

The truth is, we work better with cooperation. In a crisis, if the food all runs out, we would not fight until we all die. We would seek the hunters, gatherers and gardeners and rediscover our natural skills. We would go to our brothers and sisters and discover what resources and ideas we could share in order to survive. Our bodies are communities of cells working toward a common aim. In homeostasis, they cooperate perfectly, in harmony with each other.

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Whilst you might not have thought about it, we have been living in times of unrest and disharmony for a long time. The pattern we have been living in has been called the kali yuga by some, divide and conquer by others. Everyone has been set against everyone else. We have been forced into having ideas about being for or against something instead of allowing people to live their truths. We have been chopped up and put in boxes from day one. We have lived conditional lives, taught that pleasure comes from outside of us. We are approval addicts.

Science is now saying what esoteric wisdom and sages have said for thousands of years. That our thoughts create our beliefs and perceptions and those thoughts and beliefs create emotional responses in the body which create health (or not) based on the chemicals our body produces. Beyond our body, our heart radiates an electro-magnetic field and we interact with the world outside of us on an incredible amount of levels and frequencies – through our senses, perceptions and this electro-magnetic field. We radiate how we feel inside. Life itself, the reality that we see around us collapses from infinite possibility, or quantum wave forms into the solid particle-based reality that we see – according to the vibrations and expectations we radiate. We are responsible for our thoughts, emotions and perceptions. We have the ability to change our vibration and thus our personal world and contribute to the collective reality.

And what has all this division created so far? A world divided, a world of vast inequality and corruption. A world that is not in harmony with itself. Whether you prescribe to our divided world being a natural process of evolution, random events, the nature of humanity, or influenced by a ruling cabal, we are so much more. We are capable of so much more.

The current global crisis is awakening the healers at long last. It is awakening the compassion in each of our hearts. We are realising that fear and panic are not the way forward. There are people around us that need care and love. It is awakening our cooperative nature, whether helping the elderly lady next door, making funny videos to keep peoples spirits up, or sharing songs across a street.

We are being called forward to sit and meditate, to discover our true potential within. To find different layers of ourselves. To let go of all that previously held us back. We are being called forward to begin creating a new reality of love, compassion and cooperation. People are coming together in grand ways. More is happening than we realise. Light, love and healing are spreading at an incredible rate across the planet. The wave of panic is becoming a wave of compassion. We are more than just the physical and our thoughts and beliefs can have an effect upon the world around us.

We can no longer continue to live the old way, dominated by division, competition and war. You cannot fix anything by having a war against it. That is a paradox. It doesn’t make sense. We cannot continue with such disparate inequality. We cannot live any longer being slave to immense corporations dictating political and environmental policy. The world belongs to everyone, including all organisms that share this planet, not just humans and especially not just an elite few.

The quantum effect of this awakening is gathering speed. We cannot stop the love and care that exists in the hearts of common people. We are the very fabric of the universe. We are stardust and children of the earth. We are made of Earth molecules.

We can begin to ride this wave. We can connect to the wave of compassion. We can begin to go within and search our own hearts for what is true. We can start to work on ourselves and explore our creativity, our passions, our dreams. We can reconnect with our family. Reach out to people in need. We can make each other laugh, play games and find new ways to be human. We can do our inner work and begin to let go of the heavy emotions, the fear, the panic, the sadness. We can reach out to others and help them in this. It is not easy but it is worth it. We can journal and get our emotions down on paper. We can hug and cry. We can be honest with ourselves. For some, we must grieve but know that there are others to help us and hold us.

We, the human family, are guardians of this Earth and we can be so much more. You only have to look across the street. There is love and healing in front of you. A healer is defined by the compassion they hold in their heart. Maybe we are all healers of one sort or another.

Know this, we are at a time of change. There is no going back but there is always choice. We can choose fear and panic or we can begin a journey of love. We can discover what our own bodies are capable of. The healing potential within. The effects of various emotions and focus on our health and well-being. The effects of our thoughts and perceptions on our life and others. We can explore the magic and mystery of who we are now.

With much love xxx

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