Creatively Fascinated With Life…


Uplifting folk songs pulse to rhythmic guitar and melodic vocals. Earthy beats, spacey guitar lines and distant harmonies weave into modern-feeling folk songs. Matt Rivers is a British indie-folk artist based in Spain. His songs are sourced from his life experiences. They are about overcoming adversity. They are about the human condition. They are about healing and love, consciousness and spirit.


The Present


Matt released his debut album ‘Nature’ in October 2017. Recorded in Tarifa in Southern Spain, ‘Nature’ is inspired by our natural world and the need to be guardians of ourselves and the planet. It is about the alchemy of transforming our lives and taking responsibility for our emotions and actions. The songs have been written over the last ten years and span a journey from his first E.P. to now. Following the release of the album, Matt toured Europe, visiting numerous countries and cities. ‘Nature’ was produced and recorded by Matt Kemp (Kid Hyena), a Barcelona based artist and producer. Whilst the album features electric guitars, bass and cajón, Matt’s live show is more acoustic and raw. He is currently playing in a band and expanding his live sound with loop pedals.


Matt playing guitar dark background

The Past


Matt has been writing and playing around the world since 2000. His songs and music have taken him to a diverse selection of audiences in myriad countries. Previously based in Brighton, Matt formed a band that was sponsored by the Arts Council of Great Britain and the Stables in Wavendon. He was awarded a prestigious grant to develop his music and record his first E.P. – Some Elsewhere. In 2011 he moved out of the UK and to live and work overseas. He has played in many diverse locations such as Goa, Thailand, Cambodia, Mallorca, Poland and Spain.

He has been singing ever since he can remember. He started writing at 16, inspired by the poems and lyrics of John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley. Matt moved through various artistic mediums, beginning with art and poetry, then moving into acting and music. He started learning guitar at 14 and began acting school at 16, having accidently fallen into a part in a play with a local youth theatre group. He studied acting and singing with Toni Arthur and Louise Jamieson in a number of local theatre groups before moving onto college to further his performing arts experience.


The Influence


Matt is highly melody focused, drawing influence from the songs of his childhood. His music is a fusion of classic folk rock and indie music. John Lennon, Cat Stevens, Fleetwood Mac and Bowie stand out with more modern influences like Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, The Stone Roses and Sting. His songs sit firmly within the uplifting indie-folk genre. Think Noah and the Whale, Bon Iver, The Lumineers and Vance Joy.

Throughout his life, Matt has had a deep interest in spirituality. He has studied yoga, meditation and consciousness since he was young. This led him to become a yoga and reiki teacher. Matt’s writing practice flows from his connection to his own creative spirit and he believes everyone can learn how to tap into their own creative well. He works as often as he can with a daily writing practice and currently has a few story projects going.

He runs reiki and writing courses, all aimed at opening up, stretching ourselves, finding the creative centre and sharing it with others as well as offering reiki and tarot sessions.

Currently he is playing gigs, writing words, designing this website, taking photos, learning kite-surfing, surfing, and walking the dog.