The Age of Aquarius

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Inspiration, Spiritual | 2 comments

We stand together, on the eve of the first New Year in The Age of Aquarius. We celebrated with love and unity as the Solstice star, the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn rose high above the clouds and confusion of humanities burgeoning awakening. We are the children of tomorrow, the ones that move into a dimension of community and harmony with source energy, ourselves and the planet.

age of aquarius temple painting

Before us, there stretches a road filled with potential and opportunity, unlike any that we have seen before. The dreams that fill us at this time are magnificent to behold. They are behemoths compared to all that has gone before. We have reached the end of the time of madness and have some growing to do.

Like all births, there comes some pain, some blood and tears and a shedding of the old ways. Many are awakening but awakening is not a destination, it is a marker upon a journey. We still have to get out of bed, brush our teeth and have breakfast.

Awakening carries with it some kind of elation as if things will be alright once we are awake, but the day needs creating and filling with love. The seeds need to be sown. The tears need to be cried. The children need feeding and the sick need our care.

What next then once awake? What comes when we start to see how the world is made? What does the dawning of the Age of Aquarius bring us in its opening act?

“Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”

Zen Proverb

As we awaken, we may find ourselves drowning in a sea of activated emotions. We may suddenly experience a torrent of difficult dramas. We are becoming aware of the patterns that we were living that no longer serve us. Awakening means becoming responsible for self, for knowing that our thoughts and perceptions create reality, it means learning to love who we are, embracing our shadows as allies that helped us through tough times and learning to sow better seeds in our lives by choosing new thoughts, perceptions, habits and actions.

The Age of Aquarius is pulling us forwards and giving us an opportunity to partake more in the creation of our lives. The veils of illusion are being lifted. We are beginning to see the potential of a different future, one based on service to others, compassion and community. Make no mistake, that begins within, it begins with our hearts, unlearning the limits imposed upon us and relearning how to have fun, be creative, and give love generously.

Day to day, that means finding a few moments to meditate and breathe deeply, getting in touch with our hearts, writing a few pages of journal, exploring our emotions, letting go of what we no longer need. Doing shadow work to begin a journey of self-discovery, learning not to react before we have really processed a situation, finding an excuse to be happy, forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, getting in touch with nature, learning a new art skill, turning off the TV and playing a game, becoming silent, letting go of judgement, anger and worry, helping someone when we feel good.

This is what I see and feel in my heart. I see a golden age of humanity just around the corner. One that places value in all human life and endeavour, one based on common goals that celebrate our diversity through the focus of harmony and the bonds of existence. We have just made the first few steps into that world and it is up to us to bring it forwards. This is our world and we each create a valuable part of it. Let us rise to this challenge.

Happy New Era!

Matt Rivers is a singer, songwriter, musician, poet, teacher and writer of words. He is passionate about rediscovering our inner creative flow, adding love and beauty to society and looking after our wonderful, amazing planet. If you are interested in attending one of his Soul Writing sessions check out the workshop page.

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