The New Wave

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There is more than just hope in the world. There is a shift. There is a wave of new consciousness and awakening that is creeping into the cracks in the illusion. It has always been there. It is the ground that the whole illusion sits upon. It is the very stuff we are made of that sits silent in the depths of our hearts.

Humanity is reaching a tipping point upon this beautiful planet and it is up to each of us to decide upon a path within us. It appears that we are reaching a crisis point and yet what if this crisis is more like a transformation? What if we are merely facing the cracking of the egg before emerging into a new world?

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If the egg is all we have known so far, when it begins to crack it seems to be a disaster. Reality is falling apart! How could we really know what brave new world exists beyond the confines of our limited perceptions? In hatching from the egg, we must break free of all that holds us back and realise our true nature. Beyond the egg we are finally able to stretch our wings and eventually fly yet how many of us know we are still stuck within an egg?

Humans are due a hatching and the masters of the egg (ahem!) hold no more relevance for us. Of course, I am referring to the systems and situations we find ourselves in on this planet. They seem multi-various, layered and complex. We seem to sit in an intertwined, multi-dimensional world of tangles and problems. The world seems upside down, all squished up and claustrophobic. Is this not what a chick feels moments before a grander urge calls to it to break free?

Within our egg, people have risen up to dominate over others, to lord themselves as mighty without truly understanding the essence of their hearts or the world outside the egg. In ignorance of our greater reality, we have allowed ourselves to be dominated, we have let systems and dogma be our guide and allowed our minds and emotions to run riot on our health, families and communities. Yet within this big mess there is always truth because we cannot escape our inner nature. Love is more powerful than any fake system.

The very stuff that reality is made of is calling directly to the centre of our hearts. Our primal urge is to move forward, to feel compassion, to awaken. In our awakening, the systems begin to fall apart and the old masters are shown to be false, empty and without power because the true power of living exists within us. Humans need no governance when fully realised.

A conscious people know how to look after themselves, organise sustainable systems, grow food, care for the weak, build houses, create beautiful works of art, feel connected and walk with awareness. The knowledge is all there, within our hearts. Held in the hands of the elders. Whispered on the soft breeze and the rustle of leaves in the trees. Nature can teach us everything if we listen.

The egg will crack. It is meant too. We are but babies still and beyond the shell of the old world there is much more learning and journey to embrace. Healing and transformation was never easy. It often requires some drastic action. As a caterpillar dissolves itself into soup and a chick smashes apart the shell of the only world it knows, so must we let go of our old ideas, habits and thoughts in order to move forward. The butterfly emerges and the chick grows wings. Trust that your heart holds the answers.

The way is set if we can listen and follow our internal calling back to our golden nature. The humbleness to be silent. To stop pushing our thoughts and opinions at people and things. To accept responsibility for embracing all that we are. To receive the guidance for ourselves. To let go of worry about the cracks. To begin looking at the bigger picture.

Love, compassion and kindness are all that we need.

Happy hatching.



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