The Edge of the Dream

by | Oct 8, 2017 | Creativity, Inspiration, Music | 0 comments

I am standing on the edge of a new adventure. Last week I officially released my debut album ‘Nature’. It is an arbitrary date as every day is a release date really. Nevertheless, here I am planning how to proceed. I feel like I am stepping into a purpose that I have long known but been too afraid to embrace.

It took a while to get to a point where I thought I would be able to record an album of my own music. It has been a dream of mine forever it seems! But an expensive dream, something that has always seemed out of reach. A dream I was unworthy of perhaps.

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My limits have come from the patterns I have lived in my life. There have been a fair few challenges and I can say that they have only made me stronger, more resilient, more compassionate. Challenges that revolve around lack of support, encouragement and educational falsehoods. Has this not been the pattern for a good few thousand years for most of us?

Yet now we live in a time of change. A time of increased connection. Whilst the dangers of that connection involve becoming addicted to shining blue screens, disconnection from nature and walking into lampposts, the benefits can potentially outweigh the pitfalls of modern technology.

We have the ability to share knowledge, to share strategies of success, business, sustainability and awareness. We are becoming more conscious and compassionate because we are becoming more aware of other humans around the world. We are connecting with our brothers and sisters and beginning to stand up together against oppression, subjugation, environmental disregard and war.

We are growing skills and learning how to heal ourselves and our emotions. I think many of us now are learning that it is indeed our emotions and thoughts that influence and impact our perceptions, words and actions, thus the very lives we lead.

My journey has been such one. A journey of awakening, and of embracing my hearts desires. I have always loved music. I always wanted to sing and play instruments. Songs make me tingle. I feel the notes in my spine, in the crown of my head. When I perform, I occasionally get lost, caught up in a flowing moment of pure creativity and passion, something the Spanish call duende. I live for duende. It is fickle but that is what drives me forward. That moment of flow. That feeling of oneness with the art, with the performance and the audience.

My album was recorded in a rickety shed used as a rehearsal space by local musicians in Tarifa in Spain. I suddenly had a realisation that I could afford to produce it. That I had enough songs and ideas to begin stepping into what I wanted to do. My heart was calling me and I have never been really happy unless I am someway involved with music and performance.

When you begin the process of embracing your darkness and your demons, they begin to dissolve and become rich food for the soul and creativity. The way becomes clear and you are left with only one choice. The inspiration to step forwards towards your dreams.

Now I am planning a mini-tour to a few places in Europe. I would never have thought this possible and whilst it contains its own challenges, I continue to become present with layers of myself, releasing them to the Earth and Sky.

For me it is time to step into my dreams. That means continuing taking steps. There is not one giant leap, but always baby steps forwards. Bit by bit. Inch by inch. Growing like a tree toward the sky. Filling the space in whatever way we see fit. This is our time.

You can listen to my new album on Just click the link!