Surviving But Not Living

by | Aug 1, 2020 | Creativity, Inspiration, Spiritual, Writing | 0 comments

I am returning to creativity. This may sound strange. It sounds strange to my ears. I believe that all humans are creative. I believe that we create every day, with our thoughts, words and actions. In fact, I believe, through study and experience that our entire living experience emanates out of the fractal nature of reality, informed by our vibration and quality of thoughts.

Therefore, I can never not be creating. If I were to clarify, I am returning to conscious creation. Not only in my day to day life, but in an artistic sense. Truly, I think humans are reflections or atoms of the grand creative spirit that pervades all of existence. We are holograms, possessed of the same powers and qualities that create suns and planets. We are certainly made of that same material.

The magnetic fields that emanate from our hearts echo that of the beautiful Earth that we live on. The grand torus of energy that surrounds us draws all ‘like’ aspects of our vibration toward us like a grand vortex. We are powerful beyond measure and with one single thought, are able to stop the flow of well-being, harmony and abundance that is our true nature.

Those deep and traumatic programs – I am not worthy, I am not good enough, I don’t deserve this, the world is bad, fear everything. All are thought-form dream-spells that nestle like viruses within our psyche. All of these patterns are powerful beyond measure, cutting us off from our true inheritance and origin.

We are sovereign beings. Kings and queens of the Universe, blessed with pure hearts, energy and souls and we are close to waking up to who we are once again. The Universe is a beautiful place and we are meant to thrive. We are meant to live our dreams and create a paradise within our own flames of existence. Yes, there is contrast and rightly so but observation of nature yields the understanding that cooperation and connectedness is the base code of existence. Allowing each person the freedom to express themselves whilst doing no harm to others is the nirvana we have been searching for.

I say all this because I have spent a long time being separated from myself. It has made me ill over and over again. I have run away from who I am, from my dreams, my art, my ideas and my creations. I have allowed fear and unworthiness to colour my heart and mind. I was surviving but not living. My day to day life has been lived by default. Hoping that things would resolve instead of making positive actions and creating some uplifting habits.

We are at a time of great awakening and choice. For myself, I am choosing to sit and reflect on who I am and what I want. I am choosing to be honest about what I have run away from and what I can do to nurture myself. I know that in looking after myself, I will be more able to help others.

I now step into a new paradigm of being. I honour my heart and soul. I honour who I am and intend to create an awesome August. It is not lost on me that August is not only a month, but a sign of great things to come, a sign of fortuitous circumstance, of majestic grandeur and sovereignty.

I wish you so much love and awakening to your sovereign selves. The time of illusion is over. May you find your heart and walk your path.



We are at a time of great change within humanity. Old ways are being shown to no longer work. Tyranny and illusion are making themselves known. We are being confronted with our own demons. In the face of all of this, I have chosen to stand up in all my sovereign glory and explore what has been holding me back creatively and emotionally. I want to know what we can do to begin healing the tide of trauma within us and step into our greatness. August marks a month of creative exploration and is a sign of great majesty and grandeur. This is our window to our souls.

Create August Awesome! is my idea and challenge to show up to my own creativity every day for the month of August. It is a simple idea. Creativity can take any form, and take any amount of time. Any media, any discipline, the only condition is to have fun. No critics, no judgement of self or others, just a celebration of my own unique human quality of creativity. If you want to join me you are most welcome. I encourage you to share your projects anywhere you like using the hashtag #createaugust. Join the Facebook group, share on Instagram, blog about it, invite friends to some daily creativity. Let’s see what we can create together.

Matt Rivers is a singer/songwriter, musician, poet and writer of words. He is passionate about rediscovering our inner creative flow, adding love and beauty to society and looking after our wonderful, amazing planet.

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