Step into the Fire

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Traditionally people celebrate 5th November as Guy Fawkes Night. The day when evil was thwarted. And yet, whether right or wrong, Guy Fawkes, the symbol of the downtrodden, the mask from V for Vendetta, inspiration for Anonymous, the man to step into the fire, was fighting against oppression and the corruption he saw within the government.

Guy Fawkes Night is not a celebration of thwarting evil, but a subliminal message to the good people of the United Kingdom that revolutions do not work. We have been reinforcing that dream-spell for over 400 years whilst corruption has continued to this day. This year it has become quite obvious that the whole system is rotten.

Of course, blowing up parliament is not the answer but behind the system, we can now see that individuals, real people are to be held accountable and can be prosecuted. The biggest private court case in history has been launched against every single MP in the UK. It is an incredibly solid case. Another has been filed in Germany because many cannot believe what has been going on this year in the face of sound, common sense.

People are getting arrested or fined for breathing, for looking after their mothers, for walking too slowly, for refusing to accept anything less than the full quota of oxygen that their body needs, for travelling with more than two people in a car, for looking too happy, for standing in the wrong place, for posting the wrong kind of ideas on social media, for having free speech and thoughts, for whistleblowing on corruption, and yet no crime has been committed. No harm done to another.

Draconian measures have been levelled in most nations across the globe. People are depressed, committing suicide, drinking heavily, eating poorly, losing their businesses and transferring yet more of their hard-earned wealth to multinational corporations. If the cure is worse than the cause, can it be considered a cure? Who is doing more harm? Where is the real crime? How many more liberties and natural rights will be stolen from us by a so-called authority before we realise this is far beyond just being about a virus?

Humanity is slowly waking up from its long slumber. We are sovereign beings with inalienable rights to roam this earth, live freely, express ourselves as we wish, thrive on all levels and not be harmed by another. No person has the authority to dictate what they see fit as our best interests – especially if it causes us harm.

Yes, we have to use our common sense, reasoning and intelligence to keep each other safe but do we have to subserve and acquiesce to a corrupt and criminal ruling elite that is abusing its power? A government is meant to serve people, not coerce and subjugate them.

So when you see people arrested for daring to breath freely, when you see nurses arrested for looking after their mothers, when you see elderly couples and families unable to touch each other or visit relatives, unable to mourn at a funeral, or celebrate at a wedding, when you see culture shut down and joy and fun banned, when you see mass censorship across all platforms for anything that counters the arguments and criticisms against the measures, when you see one-sided discussions and multi-lateral legislation rolled out across the planet, when your business goes bankrupt, when you see violence and riots everytime someone gets close to the truth, when your cash is refused in shops, when you are refused entry to that shop, or a house, or even a country because you do not have a mask, a special app, a special passport or a vaccine, when you are told that the human body is limited, when you are forced to take drugs instead of treating an illness as a holistic process of recovery, when you see piles of bricks placed upon protest routes, when you see people shot, people divided, people scared, and people in fear, know this…

Know that in some way, your rights and freedoms are being removed and shifted. Know that this is not the true reality or any kind of normal. Know that there is so much more to humanity than this chaos. Know that there are real people behind all of this, people who are conspiring to leverage a situation in order to grab more power, more money and more control.

More than this, know that there is another way. Know that we are free beings. We are men and women of the living soil and it is within our very existence and breath to evolve and live in harmony with this planet and each other. Know that there is so much to discover within us, not least, the inner technology of a human being. We are blessed with the most amazing vehicle we could ever know. Know that we could clean up our amazing planet if we had a chance. Know that there is enough to provide for everybody. Know that we have common law rights that supersede all corporate and admiralty law and fiction. Know you are sovereign. Know you are powerful. Know that you are an infinite soul.

And know that revolutions can and do work as long as they are rooted within our hearts, with love and respect for each other.

The time of awakening is upon us and we have much work to do.

Homo Sapiens Arise!

Matt Rivers

5th November 2020

Matt Rivers is a singer/songwriter, musician, poet and writer of words. He is passionate about rediscovering our inner creative flow, adding love and beauty to society and looking after our wonderful, amazing planet.

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