Happy New Moment!

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Creativity, Inspiration, Spiritual | 0 comments

The fever of the mid-winter festivals is over and we have entered the new year. We now steel ourselves into new rhythms as a new beginning provides a fresh start and fresh perspective to our lives. The New Year holds promise. It feels like a blank canvas for us to paint our lives upon. In truth, our lives are our art and we can create them as we see fit.

New Year’s Resolutions tend to fade into dust as the year progresses. The gleam of the bright future ahead of us tarnishes as we allow ourselves to become swamped in worry and stress. We have put too much pressure on the year before it has even begun. ‘This one will be the best ever…’ yet our efforts can dwindle and we lose sight of our original plan.

But a good year is composed of good moments. Whilst it is grand and uplifting to proclaim success at the beginning of a journey, we must take each step and place our feet well in order to reach our goal. There is a rush and glee to beginning a new thing and a temporary rejoicing in the finish but the true joy is to be found in the journey.

Sierra Nevada Yoga Girl Headstand


Each moment of this coming year can be filled with joy or learning if we allow it too. If we allow ourselves the space. There is great power in the set-up of things. In the writing of goals, the planning of destinations and aspirations and when we then combine those beginnings with step by step awareness of the moment we are in, we can begin to fly.

What does this mean then? How does that play out practically? What are the day to day tasks for ourselves?

There is great power to gathering momentum. That means showing up to your plans every day for just a small amount of time. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. You will tire and give up. Take it slow. Momentum breeds good habits and passion. Work five minutes. Nurture yourself. Congratulate yourself for even the smallest little task or project completed. Whether you have written one line of verse, run a hundred metres, been to the gym, refused alcohol for a day… be kind to yourself. Celebrate. Treat yourself like a small child. With love and kindness. That means no more beating yourself up for the things you have not yet done!

And if the moment seems difficult and full of challenging emotions then take time out. Breathe deeply. Remove yourself from the situation. Try not to throw your emotions at others, (they tend to bounce back quickly!) Listen to your body and see if you can feel where the emotion lies. All emotions live in the body. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t feel them. So then feel them. Embrace them. Love them for what they can show you. Lay your hand on that part of your body. Sooth yourself. Meditate, let go of worry and anger, paint a picture, ring your mum, ring your Grandpa, watch nature, sit in silence, listen to music, do something uplifting, help someone, count your blessings, be of service, whatever it takes for you to feel like you are flowing again.

In order to have the best year ever, you must make the most of each moment. That means listening to yourself and choosing the best thoughts and reactions. Paying attention to how you feel and how you act. Looking for silver linings and being the change you want to see. Be the very thing you imagine.

Most of all it means relaxing. This life is not a test. It is an adventure and we all take different paths. There is not one way but many. A ‘mistake’ can be the best thing that happened to us. Each moment is new. The future is unwritten. It is waiting for us to step into it with love, joy and playfulness.

May your year be amazing and may each moment serve you well.