Awakening Divine Man

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I call upon my essence. I call upon my heart. I call upon the masculine energy within me. I call upon my spirit. I call to awaken my depth and my breadth. I call to awaken my power and compassion. I call upon the warrior. The fighter of truth and justice. The protector of the weak. I call to the yang in my soul. I call for him to rise up to meet the goddess within. I call upon my divine masculine essence to be born from the feminine that has awoken and is rising.

I call upon my honour, integrity, strength, compassion and vulnerability. My salty tears have dripped onto Mother Earth through the pain of my birth. I see my errors and misconceptions. I embrace and love my darkness in order to move beyond it. A new paradigm begins now. My darkness is my strength. I embrace the lost man in me. The broken sexuality. The addictions of mind and body. I embrace the lost boy. The fatherless one. The abandoned child. The critic and judge. I embrace all the lost pathways and missed opportunities.

This is the time of awakening both poles of sexuality into higher states. As it has always been, Divine Feminine has given birth to a new age. It is now that Divine Masculine should arise and be born fully into wholeness. Divine Feminine is calling us to dance.

awakening divine man from the shadows

The old masculine paradigm is being challenged to arise from its slumber. To expand beyond what it has been before. To transmute into a higher vision of what man might be. This is not a time for cowards or fools. This is not a time for ego or machoism. This is the time of initiation. This is the passage of rites that we hear calling in the far distance. This is the gnawing empty hole in the pit of our stomachs. This is the purpose that we truly seek. This is the walk of fire that we must go through in order to bring about the rise of Divine Masculine. This is not just about identifying or embracing the feminine within us. It is not about being soft and fluid. It is much more than that.

Yang is fire. It requires great courage and strength to quell the flames of the old ways, to walk the burning coals. It is about recognising the feminine within us yet knowing we are masculine in our hearts. It is about allowing ourselves to be vulnerable when appropriate. Allowing ourselves to be open and connected yet embracing our masculinity in way that perhaps we have not done before.

This is about finding worthy purpose and direction and embracing it fully. This is about finding our true passion and following our hearts rather than our addictions. Being conscious of our actions. Standing up with strength in our bones. This is about exploring our dreams. Knowing our boundaries and stretching them. Providing for those in need and living according to natural laws. This is about doing no harm and proclaiming a new reality of love, compassion and vision.

We live in a time of chaos. The chaos is emanating from ourselves. As long as we are slaves to our addictions, and the opinions and influence of others, we will continue to create a reality of power, acquisition, inequality and discrimination. We are called forward to recognise our darkness. To see how we can forgive ourselves and embrace our lost selves. We are called forward to take responsibility for our emotions and stop blaming others for our pain. We are called forward to master our minds and trust our hearts. To discover the truth of our natures and support each other in community and compassion.

The Divine Masculine is calling to our warrior natures. Our protector natures. Our strength and purpose. It is calling to the wanderer within us. The magician, the fisherman, the businessman, the artist and lover. Calling to the infinite pathways we choose. Calling for us to act with honour and integrity. Calling for us to join hands with our women and children and make a stand for the kind of world we now want to live in. It is calling for us to build on who we already are. To embrace our masculinity. To honour it. To let go of judgement. We are beautiful and we are strong.

I call to my brothers, my fathers and grandfathers. I call to my ancestors. I call to Mother Earth and all that dwells within her. I call to the Divine Feminine. To all who recognise and identify their masculinity. Walk with us as we step into the flames. Send us strength as we discover what is hidden within.

The time is now.

I am that I am.

As above, so below.

Om Mani Padme Om.

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